ZiRP June 27 – July 3, 2017

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MUSIC VIDEO PICK – June 27 – July 3rd, 2017 

Hello all! Happy Tuesday! 
I am a date late for this week’s Music Video Pick.
But we are going to head to Germany and listen to some Fusion Folk from Zirp! 

Little bit about them: 
ZiRP are instantly recognizable by their trademark sound: a vibrant hurdy gurdy, embedded in a soundscape of acoustic guitar, bass, and groovy jazz drums. The hurdy gurdy is at times primal and organic, occasionally abstract with wild electronic effects – you’ve never heard this extraordinary instrument played quite the same way before!
Now Zirp as already been in the show, they where our 2nd guest when Let’s Talk About The Music was a 4 hour show.
King George was our first guest. 
Get to them, but listen to last season’s show: EP: 27 King George and Zirp

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