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Deception of Let’s Talk About The Music:

Every Wednesday from 8 pm -11pm; A Humorous Controversial Talk Show With A Global Mix of Music; is the Home of Independent Musicians From Across The Globe. The Humorous Controversial Talk Show was created for all musicians and those in the music industry not just to introduce music and be interviewed, but to have their voices heard about news of the day. We always meet new friends along the way. We want to everyone to have fun, feel comfortable being on the air and talking about any topic, and to bring awareness to any charity they might represent. As the global part of the tagline says, we play music from around the world.

How long is the show?

Let’s Talk About The Music; A Humorous Controversial Talk Show With A Global Mix of Music is a three (3) show on a Wednesday night from 8 pm -11pm (PST)/11pm – 2am (EST). Guest do not have to stay for the full three (3) hours, but we do ask for you stay at least two (2) hours of the show.

*Warning: LTATM Guest always have way to much fun where they never want to get off the air.*

Before you Book to be on the show:

For all Bands/Musicians/Music Industry that agree to be on a show:

1.) Each member of the band or music industry, must help promote the show on the social media and their personal page(s) at least 1 times per day a week before show time (If you know you are to be on the show two months ahead of time, then you still promo once week until Show time) to help bring listeners/ fans to the show.

*Reminder: The show is about YOU and the Show.*

a.) Band (or guest) members must also tag and hashtag LTATM on social media and invite fans into the Facebook Invite.

b.) If band members do not help promote the Show, they will not be invited back.

2.) If a musician (or music industry guest) needs to cancel for any reason, the musician (or music industry guest) must give at least 1 week advance notice.

a.) If musician/band/ Music Industry gives less than 1 weeks notice, is a no-show, or, for example, cancels two days before the show after promoting for a month; their music will be pulled and the musician/band will not be invited back.

b.) Last-minute cancellation for Family Emergency is always honored.

Who can be on Let’s Talk About The Music; A Humorous Controversial Talk Show With A Global Mix of Music for Home of Independent Musicians From Across The Globe?

a.) Anyway one in the Music Field can be on the show. Any Musicians that has NOT sign up through MusicSubmit, needs to do order to be our Guest.

4.) If a musician/band from 2016 (or music industry guest) contacts LTATM wishing to redeem themselves, they may be put on a waiting list.

Before you book to be on the show, did you Submit Your Music?