Q: What is Let’s Talk About The Music?

A: This is a controversy talk radio show about music for musicians. Then we mix it up with a little bit of music around the world. Most important, it’s bring the music together world-wide.

Q: How Controversy?

A: It is be like it is, in you’re face, tell it like it is for musicians to take about their profession. Why did that start? Who inspired them? Why did the chose their band name? They struggles they keep rocking with only a little in their pockets to split it with their bandmates. Please remembering the legends that pave the way for the every musician today.

Q: What Genres will be feature to on Let’s Talk About The Music?

A: dot Alternative Ambient dot Blue Grass dot Celtic dot Electric dot Dance dot Funk dot Indie dot Rock
dot Something excellent, strange or unique dot Punk dot Neo-folk dot New Age dot World Music

Q: Why support local music, but music all over the world?

A: With all the violence we have in the world, there is one thing we can all agree on from Woodstock to all the Music Festivals that we have today. We can agree on one thing that does matter… Music!

Q: Does musicians pay to be played on Let’s Talk About The Music?

A: NO! Every musician is free to submit their music on the show or blog. However, they are free to donate to  our Patreon and join in the fun of our fundraisers.

Q: Will everyone get played or feature on the blog or show?

A: Sadly, not everyone will be approved, but if you open account on MusicSUBMIT there are MILLIONS of other podcasters that might love your music.

Q: What is MusicSUBMIT?

A: MusicSUBMIT is a data base for musicians like you to find show like, “Lets Talk About The Music” to get air time. All you have to do it, open account for you’re band, you will have a place add the bio, press kit, songs and video. Just because like the answer from the perverse question, if “Lets Talk About The Music” don’t play you’re music… there are MILLIONS other podcaster that just might. So never give up on the dream.

Q: I am not a musician, but how can I show my support “Lets Talk About The Music”?

A: “Lets Talk About The Music” is already offering sponsorship for Small Business, Events, and Venues. Go to “Sponsorship” and see what we have to offer. Plus we are taken donations through Patreon and fundraisers.

Q: How do we contact Let’s Talk About The Music?

A: Due to all the spammers out there wants to flood our emails with junk. The best way is contacts us on the  Google+, Facebook, Sound CloudTwitter and YouTube.

Q: How do we listen and follow Let’s Talk About The Music on Spreaker?

A: Follow these instructions:


NOTE: If you have a question that “Lets Talk About The Music” didn’t answer.
Please feel free to get in touch with us and we will added it to FAQs.

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