Donating to LTATMRadio helps keep us legally playing Independent Musicians from around the world. With these donations we can pay for streaming licenses to broadcast the audio on the station; become a non-profit that everyone can enjoy and help LTATMRadio  podcast live shows at different venues. 

In addition to the cost of purchasing audio equipment to run a radio station, we need to buy the bandwidth to stream it and money to pay the website that hosts us. Did you know that it costs over $100 a month just so LTATMRadio can BE a radio station??

We are thankful to our Listeners, Musicians, Sponsors, and Volunteers for helping to bring the laughter with our Humorous Controversial Talk Show with a Global Mix of Music. We at LTATMRadio want to podcast live from more shows to showcase independent musicians. 

You can listen to our talk shows:
 Let’s Talk About The Music – on Spreaker


By donating, you are giving us the chance to ensure LTATMRadio continues to play in the future!

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