Let’s Talk About The Music – Humorous Controversial Talk Show

Launch December 2015. Let’s Talk About the Music, is a Humorous Controversial Talk Show that feature independent musicians and other music industry all over the Global. This is a live podcast with and open chat room to talk openly, non-filtered.

How is this show different? First off, all the guests are a Guest Host, they can pick their own topic that they want to talk about during the 3 hours show. Second, we want everyone to feel like they are talking to friends and have a good time. Shels and Spider both being out the humorous and entertainment into the controversial talk show by adding a world-wide popular demand drinking game, Music History and much more.  

You can check them out every Wednesday Night at 8pm – 11pm (PST)/11pm-2am (EST) Live only on Spreaker.com. Also On-Demand Iheartradio, Stretcher, and more… “just Google it.”

DISCLAIMER: LTATMRadio.com is broadcast on Spreaker & on-demand IHeartRadio.
We plays only Independent Music across the globe. We get all of our music from MusicSubmit.com.

Current Show on Spreaker 

Let’s Talk About The Music – Archive thanks to archive.org

LTATM Season One / LTATM – Season Two / LTATM – Season three

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