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Shels Honey(suckle)
TITLE: HOST, Music, Program Director and Producer

Shels Honeysuckle has been an entertainer for over 30 years. She got her start at the age of 16 at her high school radio station KGHP as Kraze or KrazeG. After she graduated from high school, she attended Clover Park Technical College and worked at I-91 FM. Then moved on to DJ-ing for two to three years at local non-alcoholic bar, The Java Jump, that serviced nothing but coffee and lattes all night. Later, she traveled to Virginia to work as a board op at Bobcat Country.

There is where the idea of a talk show sprouted, but things didn’t work out in Virginia and she was forced to go back to Washington, feeling lost and as though she had failed with her radio career.

Shels took a break to figure what she wanted to do next. She felt that she would never return to the radio world, so she placed that personality in a box and moved on. She went back to school at Clover Park Technical College for Graphic Web Design and Production.

After graduating in 2005, she struggled to find work as a graphic designer. She started to freelance her work to keep up skills and talent, as she worked odd jobs to make ends meet.

In 2012, she was introduced to a new world of entertainment and became known as The Pixi. She would be a jokester in a wolf outfit, making fun and mystifying at different fairy festivals. Then in 2014 – 2017, “sinister circus” known as Super Geek League, needed a Leprechaun for Lucky 13 rave concerts. She thought it was odd that leprechauns needed a “pixi’s” help to put on a show, but she went along with it. In 2014, Super Geek League, presented a character that fixed Shels pixi personality… the Crash Jester. Soon after, Shels found her way, enjoying modeling and being in commercials.

Craig Huston, aka Spider
TITLE: Co-Host

Craig Huston, aka Spider, is co-host of LTATM’s Wednesday night talk show
and a frequent counterpoint to Shels on many topics. Having had no prior
radio experience, Spider leaped into the fray head first, relying on his
irreverent brand of humor and quick thinking to adapt to the position.

Apart from his radio position, Spider has been a solo artist and producer
of electronic music since 1999, most notably with his personal project
SPIDERintheHALL. He is also a proud father and an avid console gamer

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Ty Anderson


I have been performing character voices and vocal impressions for most of my life, but doing them professionally for 6+ years. I started impersonating many of the cartoon characters from Warner Brothers’ “Looney Tunes” and other animated shows and cartoons when I was 7 years old . As I moved into junior high and high school, I really got into acting (which continues today) and performing characters of any kind.

I love voicing characters for video games, animation, movie teaser trailers and children’s books, which my kids really enjoy. My natural tone is gravelly baritone. I can voice characters from goofy school teachers and Forrest Gump to Villains, Drill Sargent’s and Christopher Walken. I have recorded a varied array of characters…and I’m always up for a challenge.


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Erica Mc

Headshot with hand croppedErica is a voiceover artist for LTATM and occasionally for on-screen projects. She met Shels (and Ty Anderson) while working as a zombie at a zombie laser tag venue. Erica is also a full-time stage and screen actor and an artist (painting with acrylics and making wire jewelry and other crafty fun). Her art can be seen on Facebook at Roth Art Studios (a sponsor of LTATM). Random facts: Erica loves cats, hates mushrooms and can count to ten in four languages.

Dennis Carr
TITLE: Web and Computer Tech (behind the scenes)

Dennis has been eating computer bits for breakfast since he was a child
in the Los Angeles area in the early 1980s, and his life has revolved
around a fascination with technology in some form or another.  So after
Shels twisted his arm just a little bit to help out with the show
some time after he moved to the greater Seattle area, he was happy to
join into the fray and help out with some of the internet tech behind
the scenes.

Dennis maintains a small amount of involvement with the show in the
background by way of maintaining the services that run the site’s web
site, though occasionally pops up in chat or – heaven help us! – on the
show itself.

Dennis maintains and grows his career with an application delivery
services company near downtown Seattle that makes stuff that keeps the
internet from dying.  His current aspirations are to pick up on
composing music, and his hobbies include photography and homebrewing.

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