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How do I submit my music to Let’s Talk About the Music?

What we look for in Genres:

Featuring a wide mixed of musicians Global from the following genres:

  1.  Alternative Ambient
  2. Blue Grass
  3. Celtic
  4. Electric
  5. Dance
  6. Funk
  7. Indie
  8. Rock
  9. Something excellent, strange or unique
  10. Punk
  11. Neo-folk
  12. New Age
  13. Pop
  14. World Music

This is for Artists/Bands NEW to LTATMRadio who Cannot use

If you want LTATM Radio to air your music, please follow the submission guidelines:

1. We require professionally mixed, mastered and tagged tracks with: song title, artist name and album name, in order for us to play submitted music. Please submit MP3 ONLY. No Wav files, NO M4a files


We at LTATMRadio – we want to help. If you do not understand how to label your music, we are going to show you some explains, then show you a YouTube Video how to label your music correctly: 





2. When you submit your music, make sure there is a bio, website and/or social media or other information with which to find you.

3. We encourage all musicians to submit music through the free service They have been a key provider with all LTATMRadio, providing music all over the world; including blogs, radio stations and more. However, if you need to bypass Music Submit, you may send it directly to LTATMRadio. Just understand – your music will only be heard on LTATMRadio Network and no other radio networks.

Please allow ample time for your music to be reviewed as we receive a lot of submissions through MusicSubmit on a daily basis along with responsibilities.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND, your submission is to be previewed by LTATMRadio staff. Bands/Artist ACCEPTED for daily rotation will receive an EMAIL from LTATMRadio.


1. You are giving LTATMRadio permission to add your music to our podcast and LTATMRadio networks, including Auto-Play JukeBox (once we are back being a radio station).

2. You are Not providing LTATMRadio rights to your tracks for revenue purposes – we are a non-profit world-wide community radio station. LTATMRadio only shares your tracks with its other LTATMRadio shows on our network.

3. LTATMRadio does not give your tracks away unless its management receives the express permission from you and/or your representative for purposes of a prize package such as a hard copy or digital download.

4. You are asking LTATMRadio to feature your music, so that fans can come to your pages and buy your tracks from you. You are also asking to be featured on Let’s Talk About The Music, A Humorous Controversial Talk Show.

5. Let’s Talk About The Music, A Humorous Controversial Talk Show With Globe Mix of Music. Is open to ANYONE in the music industry, but understand we give airtime to independent and unsigned musicians ONLY. LTATMRadio will play a minimum of four of the artist’s songs during a show. (If you are a big-name, signed artist, we will play a limit of two of your songs and will give the remaining airtime to music of or closest to your genre.)


If you sign with a label and seek royalties, please let us know asap so we can remove your tracks, unless you are willing to have LTATM Radio to continue to airing your music for free. This is HIGHLY encouraged, so other independent and unsigned musicians know their hard work and passion can get signed, too.

LTATM Radio expect and encourage all ages to submit your music to LTATMRadio. If you are under 18 years of age, please have you parent or legal guardian read the requirements of having your music aired. That includes being on the Let’s Talk About The Music, A Humorous Controversial Talk Show. Let’s Talk About The Music, A Humorous Controversial Talk Show is rated PG-13.

I/We the undersigned, accept and agree as the submitting Artist/Band or Authorized Agent. I certify that I am at least 18 years of age, (under 18 years of age, I have my parent or legal guardian sign on my behalf). Please ONLY submit materials in which I have ALL LEGAL RIGHTS, LICENSES, AND PERMISSIONS necessary to allow LTATMRadio to feature my/our music via LTATMRadio Networks.

I understand that LTATMRadio shall not be liable for or obligated to pay royalties for airplay to (and not limited to) the artist(s) represented in the submitted tracks, their agent, management, authorized publishing agent or associated record label, for any revenues due or any damages incurred by the undersigned party submitting music for airplay on LTATMRadio ( resulting from airplay of the tracks submitted, including unauthorized submissions.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: LTATMRadio only has ONE show (currently) Let’s Talk About The Music, A Humorous Controversial Talk With Globe Mix of Music.

The last Wednesday Night is open to everyone, so we do not have a musical guest, is open for past guest, listener and LTATMRadio volunteers.

If you are a NOT Independent Musician, you wish for LTATMRadio play you music on the air and you are not allow to use MusicSubmit. Please get a hold of us asap on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll send you separate forum to fill out.


We do take cover songs from tribute and cover bands for our Spotlight show, which is currently on hiatus.
We’ll bring the show back once we get more tribute and cover band submissions.


Thanks for understand,
LTATMRadio – Crew.

Music Submit – forum

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